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If you plan to spend vacation on island BRAČ Croatia you can search for accommodation on this page. In our offer you will find apartments, rooms, houses/villas and accommodations in rural tourism.
This site provides general information about island Brač and makes possible access the accommodation offer in all places of island Brač.
Island Brač, The Golden horn Beach (Bol) The Isle of Brač (pronounced 'Bratch') in Croatia is one of the most beautiful Dalmatian islands and can be reached easily in only an hour by car-ferry as of Split. A magnificent place for walks as early as April and in October you can still bathe in clear water at a comfortable temperature.
Island Brač is the third largest island of Croatia, with an area of about 396 km; 36 km long and 12 km wide. Its highest peak Vidova Gora, 778m above the sea level, is also the highest peak of all the Croatian islands. There are 23 little places on the island with the population of about 13,000.
The biggest and most known places on Brač are Pučišća, Supetar, Bol, Sutivan, Sumartin, Postira, Selca, Splitska, Mirca and Milna.
Brač coastline is 118 kilometers long. It varies from dramatic rocks to gentle pebble and sandy beaches. The most famous pebble beach is Zlatni rat beach near Bol.

The climatic characteristics of Brač are mild and rainy winters without snow, dry and warm summers, and great differences in temperature between the places along the sea and those above 500 meters. The north parts are exposed in winter to the cold blows of the wind 'bura' from the mainland.
During the summer, the west wind maestral refreshes hot days and make the island of Brač best resort for sailing and windsurfing.

Major farming products on island Brač are olive oil, wine and fruit (sour cherries and almond); chief occupations include also livestock breeding and fishing. Fish canneries are located in Postira and Milna. Major quarries, where the famous Brač building stone is excavated, are located near Pučišća, Selca, Postira, Splitska and Donji Humac (this sort of building stone was used in the construction of the White House in Washington and the Palace of Diocletian in Split).

Island Brač, Church in Milna
There is great choice of accommodation possibilities on island Brač. The most hotels on Brač Island are centred in Bol but there are also good hotels around Supetar. In addition to hotels in Supetar and Bol there is plenty of private apartments as well as lodging in the peaceful villages on the island of Brač.

Brač is popular destination for kitesurfing; and windsurfers come from all over the world. Paragliding from Vidova gora is special attraction.
Best dive locations are Bol and Lučice-Bay where experienced licenced diving professionals can take you on wonderful scuba diving tours of the waters surrounding Brac Island.

Besides standard Dalmatian dishes, Brač has many of its own culinary specialities: The Brač lambs roasted on the Spit; vitalac - lamb's offal (liver, milt, heart, lungs) skewered and wrapped in lamb's sheath; stewed lamb; sea fish on grill.
Brac sheep cheese is also quite famous including procip. Procip is made of fresh cheese cut into slices and baked in caramelized sugar.

Some ten sanctuaries date back to the early Christian times (the three-foil church in Sutivan, the three-nave basilica with the baptistery in Povlja and Postira, Supetar). The first churches in pre-Romanesque style appeared in the 10th century (St. Nicholas above Sumartin, St. Michael above Dol).
After that sacral buildings started to follow the styles of the development of the Croatian architecture with Romanesque features (St. George above Brač, St. Elias near Donji Humac).
The Baroque-style architecture saw its best moments in the construction of churches (Škrip, Ložišća, Milna, Nerežišća). The high level of architectural design was maintained in the 19th century as well (Ložišća - bell tower, church in Selca).
Island Brac - Bobovišče
HERMITAGE BLACA (Blaca desert) is one of Brac's most beautiful destinations. It is located on the east edge of the long valley that sweeps across the southern side of the island. It is a famous glagolotic desert above a towering cliff. It dates back to the 16th century. DRAGON'S CAVE Zmajeva Spilja (Dragon's cave) is west of Bol. This is a first-rate monument to cultural heritage filled with reliefs that describe the monestarial, cave-dwelling habitance of the glagolitic priests in the 15th century. It is approximately 200 meters above the small town of Murvica.

Škrip is the oldest settlement on the island. Set on the top of the hill, with its belfry, church facade and huge towers it appears like a town strangly lost in this karst. It is a monument in which three ethnic layers have deposited (Illyrian, Roman and Croatian) the evidence of their presence. The old Illyrian walls, sarcophagi, towers and churches, all are sqeezed on this hill into some subtle entity which gives to this neglected rural village an atmosphere filled with some dramatic heroism.

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  • The Lovrečina Beach
  • Vidova Gora (Vitus Mount)
  • Supetar Cemetery
  • The Golden Horn Beach
  • Pustinja Blaca (Blaca Desert)


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