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If you plan to spend vacation on island MLJET Croatia you can search for accommodation on this page. In our offer you will find apartments, rooms, houses/villas and accommodations in rural tourism.
This site provides general information about island Mljet and makes possible access the accommodation offer in all places of island Mljet.
Island Mljet, Saplunara Beach Mljet Island is the largest island of the Dubrovnik archipelago. Known as the Green Island, two-thirds of the island of Mljet is covered by dark green forest of black pine, oak trees, fields, vineyards and other Mediteranian vegetation.
Accommodation on Mljet island spans everything from villas, cheap Mljet apartments and hostels to luxury Mljet hotels. Mljet apartments are well located with all the comfort and privacy you need in order to have a pleasant stay.

The entire Mljet Island is a natural attraction because of its untouched nature. Covering one-thirds of the islands territory, the main attraction in the island is the National Park of Mljet. On the western part of Mljet National Park are two saltwater lakes Malo Jezero and Veliko Jezero. In the middle of Big Lake there is a small island where a 12th century Benedictine monastery is located. The national park is also home to the Mediterranean Sea bears, which are endangered species protected by law. Another unique animal in the island of Mljet is the Mungo, which was imported here from the East.

Tourists flock to the seaside villages of Sobra, Saplunara, Polače and Pomena for a unique hiking experience, swimming, biking, tranquil atmosphere and picturesque scenery. According to legends, the Greek God Odysseus succumbed to Calypsos wrath and stayed on the island of Mljet for seven years. There is also a story that the Apostle Paul suffered a shipwreck and ended up on the Island of Mljet.

Mljet accommodation units are surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation which is offering special atmosphere for a pleasant stay during the whole year. Mljet island leaves an effect of an untouched nature in which every hotel guest can find it's own peace. Use our search engine or choose a destinations to explore from many Mljet apartments or other accommodation facitities.

Island Mljet, Folk Costumes
It is quite obvious to connoisseurs of history that the area of today's national park has played an important historical role since ancient times, when Illirian tribes lived there in stone villages and left stone graves as landmarks of their culture. During the Roman period, the island was mentioned in a number of written documents. The most valuable remains from that period are of a Roman settlement in Polače from the 1st century, as well as more recent basilicas and fortifications in Polače

Over 72% of the island of cca 1.000 km2 is forest. The island's geological structure consists of limestone and dolomite forming ridges, crests and slopes. A few depressions on the island of Mljet are below sea level and are known as blatine (mud-lakes) or slatine (salt-lakes). During the rain seasons all blatine are filled with water and turn to brackish during dry seasons.
The climate is Mediterranean; an average air temperature in January is 9°C and in July about 24°C.

Major places (Babino Polje, Prožura, Maranovići, Korita, Blato, Ropa, Govedari) lie in the interior, along cultivated fields; the closest coves on the northern coast are used as harbours.
Economy is based on farming, viticulture, production of wine, olive growing, cultivation of medicinal herbs, fishing and tourism. The regional road runs throughout the island. Mljet has ferry lines with Peljesac and Dubrovnik.

Island Mljet - Benedictine monastery
National Park Mljet's fauna is fairly unique and safe, the island and park are free of poisonous snakes. There are a total five recorded species of snakes and six species of lizards on the island. Mljet's largest predator is the Snake eagle which helps to maintain a balance of nature on the Island.

The Mediterranean cuisine of the Croatian south Adriatic offers a wide choice of dishes and delicacies as well as a wide selection of high quality wine. The development of nautical market on the Adriatic caused the cuisine offer in this area to grow so one can choose from a variety of quality restaurants and konobas which will give insight in tradition and way of life of the island of Mljet.
The usual offer of the traditional Dalmatian kitchen, quality fresh fish, calamari and octopus and autochtonous lamb meat and goat under «peka». The fish is served in traditional manner: grilled, cooked or in fish stew.

Between islands Mljet and Lastovo lies an archipelago of islets, reefs and rocks called Vrhovnjaci. This area is rich in fish and it is possible to take pictures of some species that are rare in other parts of the Adriatic. Diving in this area is only possible when organized by licensed diving centres.

For that special adventure diving at the location of Odysseus Cave is really something to be remembered. Odysseus cave has a wide entrance with pebbles on the bottom of the entrance. It features a clearly visible interior into which large rocks have fallen from the caved in ceiling and an attractive wall in front of the cave full of numerous fish sorts and lobsters.

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