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If you plan to spend vacation on island RAB Croatia you can search for accommodation on this page. In our offer you will find apartments, rooms, houses/villas and accommodations in rural tourism.
This site provides general information about island Rab and makes possible access the accommodation offer in all places of island Rab.
Island Rab, View from Air Rab island covers 93.6 square km. It is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic and probably one of the most magical. It is covered with pine forests and has beautiful sandy beaches, and is well known for its mild climate which differs from the mainland. The reason for this is that three ridges are present which protect the island from cold winds from the Velebit mountains.
The main resort, Rab Town, is full of medieval buildings, built during the Venetian rule, which occurred since the 13th century. The old town walls are still visible in some places. Other than the small town of Rab, there are 7 idyllic places on the island situated on different parts of the island: Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga and Lopar.

During the summer season, pitoresque folk customs are celebrated in Rab every month. These events are called KNIGHT DAYS - traditional crossbow games. Now days the Rab's tournament Games are held as replica of the times ago, in remembrance of an occasion in the Middle Ages, when the cross-bow played an important role in defending the town.

The earliest traces of history of the island of Rab can be found in an ancient Greek travelogues and sea guides. First known inhabitants were the Liburnian which is written in the geographical writings of Skylax of Chariandon. Rab was mentioned as Arba, Arbia, Arbiana or Arbitana, but the origins of the name is unknown.
This ancient island was under a big influence of Venice, Austria-Hungary and the Italian and German occupation. Beginning of the 20th was the period of touristic development, on Rab was the first nudist beach in the world: Edward the VIII in 1934 asked permission for swimming for his wife Wallis.

Island Rab, Sunset
Friendly people, well-indented coast, numerous picturesque and intact beaches and bays, virgin nature, very rich historical and cultural inheritance, rich nightlife and entertaining, are the reasons that island Rab welcomes more and more tourists each year.

There is great choice of accommodation possibilities on island Rab; Hotels in Rab that one can rent for accommodation include Hotel Arbiana and Hotel Ros Maris. In addition to discount hotels Rab there are also private apartments and rooms to rent. Rab cheap accommodation can be found if you do a good search.

A special experience on Rab are bike rides. With the multitude of small roads, paths and tracks where you can enjoy the seaside, Mediterranean woods and Rab represents a cycling oasis for all mountain bike fans.

Diving activities have greatly developed recently. The number of visitors who choose this kind of holiday is increasing. A large number of shipwrecks as well as natural underwater relieves have been found around Rab. Beside the general course and possibility to rent equipment there are diving schools as well as the complete arrangement for diving holidays.

There are many sites with tennis courts on the island Rab. Beside the courts you can get tennis lessons. The bigger tennis sites are in Lopar - near Hotel settlement San Marino, in Kampor in Suha Punta and courts near imperial hotel in the old town.

As a sea resort, Rab offers great possibilities for almost all types of water sports. The weather conditions in May and September are especially good for windsurfing, but other months are possible as well. Except for sailing you can also rent different motorboats, jet-skies, kayaks, water-pedals.

Island Rab - Cove
On a Rab as well as many other sea resorts, a special significance is given to the gastronomy tradition, a traditional way of preparing food and dishes. The islands positions condition, the food that relies on the seafood and the Mediterranean tradition.

The clean Adriatic Sea surrounds the coast of the island of Rab by unique swimming site. On the island everyone can find a beach for himself: rocky in the north, pebble in the east and sandy in the south.
The first and the most famous Nudist beach on Rab is Kandarola, on the peninsula Frkanj. The other official nudist beach is Cove Ciganka in Lopar, not far from the Paradise beach. There are many beaches, even areas, used by naturists, especially because of their natural beauties, and because they are not easy to approach by other swimmers.

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What to see on island Rab:
  • Golden Gates (Town Rab)
  • Church of St. Christopher, protector of the town Rab
  • Church of St. Justine (Town Rab)
  • Church of Mary`s Assumption (Town Rab)
  • Franciscan monastery (Kampor)
  • Palace Dominis-Nimira (Town Rab)
  • Eco-Centre "Natura Rab" - rural family business in Barbat
  • Hill St. Damjan (Barbat)
  • St. Peter`s Church (Supetarska Draga)


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