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If you plan to spend vacation on island VIS Croatia you can search for accommodation on this page. In our offer you will find apartments, rooms, houses/villas and accommodations in rural tourism.
This site provides general information about island Vis and makes possible access the accommodation offer in all places of island Vis.
Island Vis, Komiža by night The Island of Vis is the southernmost and farthest bigger island in the group of Middle-Dalmatian islands. It is 45 km distant from the continent. The area of the island itself occupies 90,3 square km while the area of the complete Vis archipelago (including the islands of Palagruža, Biševo, Sv. Andrija (St. Andrew), Budikovac, Jabuka, Brusnik and others) about 103 square kilometres. The length of the coastline of the island of Vis is 77 km.

Limestone hills covered with macchia and fertile valleys, covered with red soil and interspersed with sand dunes, are cultivated with vines and olives.
Vis has always been an island of fishermen and winegrowers. Komiza on the island of Vis is considered the cradle of fishing in the Adriatic, and in times gone by, the Komiza fishermen where well known in all Mediterranean harbors as experts in their field. Today the Fishing Museum in Komiza shows the famous history of the Vis fishermen.

The island of Vis, one of the first centres of civilization in this part of the Mediterranean, is also rich in ancient sites and ruins originating from the Illyrians, Greeks and Romans, the predecessors of the Croats who began colonizing the island in the 8th century AD.
Vis was strategically significant in the Adriatic and was fought over in many naval battles. The Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Venetians, Austrians, French and British have all controlled Vis at different times. Major naval battles took place in 1811 when the British defeated the French and in 1866 when Austrian forces trounced Italy.
During the Second Wolrd War the island was under the control of Tito's partisans and there was the British Military Mission Headquarters. After the war Vis became a military base to which access was strictly controlled and it was only in summer 1998 that the island opened to foreign visitors.
This fact left the island unspoilt and the local population able to carry on their traditional way of life - fishing and farming.

Island Vis, Stone Houses
Preserved nature is today the highest value and rarity of the Mediterranean tourism and this is the strongest advantage of the island of Vis. The World organisation for the environmental protection put island Vis on the list of 10 best preserved islands on the Mediterranean.
The island of Vis as well as the whole Dalmatian coast belongs to the Mediterranean type of climate with hot summers and mild winters.

A special attraction is the island of Bisevo with the unique phenomena on the Adriatic Sea, the famous Blue Cave (Modra spilja), which is visited every year by thousands of tourists.

The Vis archipelago also includes the islands of Svetac (Sveti Andrija), Jabuka, Brusnik and Palagruza.
Unlike other Croatian islands, the waters surrounding Vis Island were never over-fished which left a teeming underwater life. Scuba divers now swarm through waters filled with some of the Adriatic's most vivid fish swimming through coral and sea sponges.
Accompanied by professional diving instructors one can see sunken boats, dive among red and yellow gorgoneia, get to know Blue and other caves, discover the secrets of ancient wrecks.
Island Vis - Komiža, Fishermen Port
With its unique historical, cultural, and natural heritage, stunning hidden beaches, bays and islands, kind hosts and comfortable accommodation in private houses and apartments, makes island of Vis the favorite tourist destination for those visitors who want to try the unique and almost lost authentic Mediterranean environment and way of life.

Good quality accommodation in hotels or apartments, unpolluted environment with the crystal clear sea and marine scenery as well as the local specialities - seafood from the cleanest part of the Adriatic, various sports and recreation opportunities, they all constitute the offer of Vis, an island which emerged from a long period of isolation.

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