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Croatia, Kornati Archipelago Croatia, Deers in Kopački rit Croatia, Plitvice Lakes Croatia, Đakovo Cathedral Croatia, Dubrovnik Old City Croatia, Diocletians Palace Split (Peristil) Croatia, Rovinj Croatia, Pula - Arena Croatia, Poreč (Istra) Croatia, Bol - Golden Horn (Brač)

If you plan to spend vacation in CROATIA Croatia you can search for accommodation on this page. In our offer you will find apartments, rooms, houses/villas and accommodations in rural tourism.
This site provides general information about Croatia and makes possible access the accommodation offer in all places of Croatia.
CROATIA, Skradinski Buk Falls So Croatia isn't the first place you think of when you're thinking of your next vacation rental place? Well, think again! This crescent-shaped country is abundant with central plains, inland lakes, scenic mountain areas, and rocky coasts. Plenty of famous national parks and thousands of offshore islands add to the beauty of Croatia.

Planning your vacations you are always seeking something unique, creative and memorable from the destinations you choose, while also considering amenities, infrastructure, security, safety, and flexibility. If your checklist contains these points - in addition to factors such as rich history, nice climate, numerous beaches, nice hotels or perfect private accommodation, superb sporting facilities, excellent entertainment, easy travel access - Croatia could be the unique destination you are searching for.
Few places in the world offer such a variety of scenery and activities. It seems that the best of Central European charm and tradition together with the beauty of Mediterranean are captured here, yet to be discovered.

Unspoiled, relaxed, beautiful, and safe, Croatia is one of Europe's loveliest treasures. Everything a visitor is looking for can be found right here: crystal-clear sea, timeless fishing villages and unspoiled beaches, Roman ruins, a pristine lake district, and medieval walled cities.
Every twist and turn of the coastline serves up grandstand views of secret coves, little harbors, and calm turquoise waters. Out in the Adriatic Sea, a galaxy of islands (1,185 of them) shimmer like a cache of emeralds.

Reasons to visit Croatia
  • Good value for money
    While costs have risen considerably over the last five years, Croatia still compares favorably with other EU countries on the Mediterranean, especially for meals and private accommodation.
  • Unspoiled nature
    Clean air, clean water and plenty of meadows, forested mountains, lakes and rivers to explore are the legacy of a relatively under-industrialised country.
  • Easygoing people
    'Nema problema' or 'no problem' is the prevailing spirit which is part of the reason naturism took off here. Behave yourself and no one will pester you with nit-picking rules.
  • An exciting blend of cultures
    The coast was long part of Italy while the interior was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. It's convoluted history has produced a taste for both pizza and pastries, classy architecture and Latin exuberance. And when was the last time you saw people dancing with swords?
  • It's safe
    Street crime is rare, assaults on foreigners nearly non existant and the country untangled itself from Balkan warring in 1995.

Croatia Map
Geographical position
Croatia extends from the farthest eastern edges of the Alps in the northwest to the Pannonian lowlands and the banks of the Danube in the east. Its central region is covered by the Dinara mountain range and its southern part reaches the coast on the Adriatic Sea.
Territory area (land) of Croatia is 56.610 km2 and population is less then 5 milions.
The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, a charming medieval city of exceptional beauty known for its spirit and architecture, with a population of approximately 1 million.
Croatian coastline length is 5,835 km, with 1.185 islands and islets (66 inhabited).

Northern Croatia has a Continental climate. The central part of the country is predominantly mountain or alpine and the coast is Mediterranean. The Croatian Adriatic has an average of 2,600 hours of sunshine per year and an average sea temperature of 25 to 27 °C. It is indeed one of the sunniest and warmest coasts in Europe. The ideal summer wardrobe consists of light summer clothes and something warmer for the evenings. It rains more often in spring and autumn, and winters can be quite harsh in central and northern areas, with considerable amounts of snow.

There is great choice of accommodation possibilities in Croatia.
Luxury hotels in Zagreb, Rijeka, Istria, Opatija, Split, Dubrovnik, Cavtat and other destinations present the very best for luxury and exclusive holiday that Croatia has to offer, a warm welcome, the finest of five stars hotel and villa accommodation matched by the highest level of service, exclusive restaurants with best comfort and cuisine that stretch expectation.
In addition there are discount hotels, small family hotels and hostels. There are also private apartments and rooms to rent. Cheap accommodation can be found if you do a good search.
Croatia offers wide range of camping, caravanning and naturist locations, specialy in coastal area.

CROATIA, Dubrovnik Untouched by the effects of mass tourism, Croatia remains a peaceful and intriguing country to explore. National parks, quaint towns bursting with historic treasures and hidden rocky coves are just some of the riches awaiting your discovery.

The Dalamatian Coast meanwhile is home to a number of pretty and unspoilt islands where you can indulge in more of Croatia's secret and alluring charm.

Moving inland from the turquoise waters, rich conker red soil provides a fertile home for olive groves and vineyards.
The Mediterranean climate ensures a relaxed pace of life and vibrant café society, much like neighbouring Italy. Pretty medieval villages perch on hilltops and bustling towns built hundreds of years ago offer fascinating layers of history to discover - including UNESCO World Heritage list sites such as the 1,700-year old Diocletian's Palace in Split.

With so much to see, do, taste and experience, immerse yourself in Croatian culture and take home the kind of memories that make for an unforgettable holiday.
CROATIA, Primošten
After more than a decade of civil and ethnic unrest, Croatia is once again emerging as an attractive tourist destination. The rocky cliffs, peninsulas and small inlets of the Dalmatian coast roll down to the azure Adriatic Sea, dotted with 1,185 islands and islets, many of them uninhabited. Roman ruins and picturesque medieval villages, narrow lanes and sidewalk cafés all combine to create an alluring destination. Couple that with a Mediterranean climate, scenic beauty and lush vegetation, and visitors can see why Croatia is rising from the ashes to become one of the world's top tourist hotspots.

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